More and more students from the occupied territories are applying to enter the Ukrainian universities, said the Head of MES Higher Education Department Svetlana Kretovich at the third meeting of the Council for Rectors of universities, displaced from the ATO zone.

Kretovich said that establishment of Donbas-Ukraine educational centers contributed to the process. The educational centers were opened on the basis of displaced universities.

“Some institutions have increased the range of contractors compared to the previous year. And we think that these centers should work the next year as well. The following year, the Ministry of Education plans to apply quota for applicants with the Donbas and Crimea. This year, the quotas have been established only for applicants from Crimea. However, they were used only by 20%,” she said.

According to the Head of the Higher Education Department sector, the problem is that people in the occupied Crimea do not always receive this information as Ukrainian sites are blocked there.

Larisa Samosenok, the Associate Professor of the Donetsk National Economics and Trade University named after Mykhailo Tugan-Baranowski, said that applicants from the occupied territories should be attracted with the budget places.

Photo: Internet