One of the private schools in Odesa began to teach the Crimean Tatar language, according to the head teacher of the school Abdurrahim Anafiev.

He noted that lessons of the Crimean Tatar language are held twice a week. Two groups of students from the first and second grades were formed for schooling, and the senior group from the third to the sixth grade as well.

“The program is compiled collegially, we are developing a concept together. Our task is, first of all, a spoken language so that children can speak and understand the Crimean Tatar language. Then they will add the basics of the grammar," he said.

Anafiev stated that the study of the Crimean Tatar language is based on textbooks brought from the Crimea.

“In our school the approach is the following: if there are more than five people of any nationality in the classroom, then we give them the opportunity to study their native language. Not only the Crimean Tatars expressed by the desire to attend the lessons of the Crimean Tatar language. We have a Turkic-speaking group, Kazan and Bashkir Tatars, who expressed a desire to learn the Crimean Tatar language.”

Earlier, the director of the Institute of Philology and Journalism of the Tavria National University (Kyiv) Svetlana Kuzmina said that the Crimean Tatar language will become an obligatory discipline in TNU.

Source: Crimea.Realii