The Kremlin-controlled Ministry of Education and Science of Crimea plans to implement the pilot project "The lesson of modern history of Russia" in the occupied peninsula, reads a statement published on the website of the "Ministry of Education" in the peninsula.

“Crimea will become a platform for the implementation of the pilot project "The lesson of modern history of Russia." Thanks to it, high school students will learn about significant events for our country that have occurred over the past 15-20 years and have not yet been published in our school textbooks,” the "Ministry" reports.

It is noted that the project will be implemented in nine regions of Russia in 2016, but "if successful, its implementation will be considered in all regions of Russia."

The Crimean agency explained that the main objective of the project is to familiarize students with the situation in economy, domestic and foreign policy, as well as social and spiritual spheres of Russian life.

The project is due to be implemented in the Kerch school No. 11 in Crimea.

Photo: Internet