Ukraine and Turkey will closely cooperate in the field of scientific research in Antarctica.
The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine reported that the corresponding  agreement was reached during the 40th Consultative Meeting on the Antarctic Treaty in Beijing.

"The location of the Ukrainian station" Academician Vernadsky" allows for unique observations, since it is in this region of Antarctica that the fastest melting of the ice sheet occurs," said Dmitry Cheberkus, director of the department of scientific and technological development for the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Ukraine also plans to cooperate with China and Malaysia in the field of Antarctic research.
The station "Academician Vernadsky" was founded by the British expedition in the 1930s (then the station was called "Faraday"). In 1996, Great Britain handed over the station to Ukraine. In April, 22-nd Ukrainian expedition went to the station.