The Centre of Turkey Study of the Institute named after Yunus Emre at the Kazan Federal University of Russia, which Turks call a "conductor of soft power in foreign policy," became the latest victim of "cultural" sanctions, reports "Real Time". The information has not been officially confirmed yet, however, the center spokesmen and the leadership of the Institute of Oriental and International Relations, said the center has ceased working.

- This is not about center closing, but rather  work suspension. There is a corresponding rector’s order.  Stil, we will continue implementing all the programs and projects in our center "Turkic world", said Ramil Khairutdinov, Director of the Institute of Oriental Studies and International Relations, which formally included the center.

In turn, Head of the Center Ihsan Demirbaş reports that the reasons for the center closure will be substantiated Monday.

The studies in the Institute are going on, however, the staff says they all may be asked to leave at any moment.

SUMMARY: The Turkish Cultural Center named after Yunus Emre is a worldwide network. The centers familiarize with Turkish culture, art and history, as well as teach the Turkish language. There are more than 25 centers worldwide. Turks say Yunus Emre Institute and its foreign centers are "conductors of soft power" in Turkish foreign policy. The first such center opened in Russia in 2012 in Kazan Federal University.