By February 4, 1,600 pigs will have been slaughtered in an epicenter of the African swine fever in the Razdolnensky district of Crimea, said Nikolay Yanaki, Vice Premier of Crimea.

“600 pigs have died over the recent days. This is a signal to us that the disease is spreading fast and we should be just as fast taking appropriate steps. On February 2, we slaughtered 400 pigs in the village of Novosyolovskoye and at a farm where pigs were found to be infected. Tomorrow, we will be burning the dead and slaughtered pigs. I think we will be done slaughtering all the 1,600 pigs at the epicenter of the disease by the end of the day, February 3,” said Yanaki.

Yanaki also reminded Crimean residents that “the authorities will provide them with a worthy compensation for slaughtered animals if they do not attempt to hide them”.

“The infected meat may end up anywhere, so I’m once again urging everyone not to conceal the deaths of pigs at their farms. If they do, they may face criminal liability and, worst of all, get no compensation. As of today, owners of pigs weighing 100-150 кkilos can expect to get a compensation of RUB 10-15 thousand. That is a quite substantial amount for people living in the countryside,” said Nikolay Yanaki.