Over the past week the border guards of Azov-Black Sea detachment stopped 48 offenders at the administrative border with Crimea. The border violators were imposed administrative fines totaling 8 thousand hryvnias; 53 persons were denied passage through the administrative border during the passport control, according the border guards of Berdyansk and Kherson units.

Soldiers of Kherson and Berdyansk border troops, while being on duty along the administrative boundary, continuously record the movement of car and armored vehicles of the Russian Federation Armed Forces. They have also noticed the active engineering arrangements on position in the temporarily occupied territory.

During the 2016, the border guards have recorded more than 230 cases of aerial reconnaissance by helicopters and about 30 cases by unmanned aerial vehicles. In addition, Russian military has recently started to use a balloon for reconnaissance.

The border guards record all actions of the occupants near the administrative border of the Kherson region with the temporarily occupied territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and transfer data in the prescribed manner to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the SBU.

Photo: Internet