Syrian opposition continues military operation to break the blockade of Aleppo, where about 300 thousand civilians became hostages.

Since the start of the military operation on October 28, the opposition forces were able to advance 2.5 kilometers further through the defense line of the Assad regime forces, the AA reports.

At this stage of operation opposition outside the blockade coordinates actions with the defenders of the city inside the blockade in order to capture strategic positions of the regime.
The liberation of Dahiyetu'l-Esed district facilitated the 2.5 kilometers promotion through the defense of the Assad regime forces. The next target of the opposition forces is the capture of Military Academy, and to fully break the blockade of the city they need to overcome three kilometers.

The intense firefight continues between the Assad forces and the defenders of the city, who fire missiles on the positions of the regime in the area Cemiyetu'z-Zehra.