December 28, occupation authorities had to call the ambulance for the prisoner Vladimir Baluh, the Crimean human rights group reported, referring to wife of the activist Natalia Baluh.

Vladimir Baluh is currently in a temporary detention center in the village Razdolnoe.

Vladimir Baluh's wife does not know his diagnosis, but she was given a list of prescribed drugs. The woman said that the list includes antibiotics, medicine for rhinitis and intestinal disorder. Natalia has already purchased drugs, brought them to the detention center and given to an officer on duty.

Previuusly, at the court hearing, the Crimean resident Vladimir Baluh detained for opposing to the occupation of the peninsula, said that he was in urgent need of medical assistance. He suffers from chronic bronchitis, which intensified in the crowded jail cell. It is known that the cell where Baluh is kept, contains only 14 beds for 34 people.

Photo: Internet