On the territory of the sixth arsenal of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, near the village of Druzhba in the Ichnia district of the Chernihiv region, a fire broke out and ammunition explosions occurred, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported today, October 9.

“At 3:30 information was received from the Head of the 6th arsenal, that in the area of the settlement Ichnia of the Chernihiv region an explosion occurred on the technical territory,” the General Staff reports.

Chernihiv branch of the Suspilne channel informed that the ammunition depots under Ichnia exploded at 3:30 am.

The State Emergency Service reported that the territory of the sixth arsenal, where ammunition explosions occur, covers about 682.6 hectares.

The population is evacuated from the area of possible destruction. As of the morning, about 10 thousand people were evacuated. People are taken away by road.

From 4:20 in the morning, the airspace is closed within a radius of 30 km above the affected area. railway and automobile traffic were suspended.

Units of the State Service of Emergencies, National Police and National Guard were alerted as well as a medical plane, a helicopter and two AN32-P aircrafts.

Ukrainian road and transport agency Ukravtodor reported that, due to explosions in ammunition depots, movement along several routes of national importance was restricted.
According to the press service of the Presidential Administration, Petro Poroshenko summoned security officials to report on the situation in the Chernihiv region. The government was instructed to provide the necessary assistance to people.

Prime Minister Volodymyr Groisman noted in his Twitter that he had held a meeting of the operational headquarters.

“All services are working in enhanced mode, ready to quickly help people. All equipment, including fire-fighting train and aircraft are on alert. Commissioned the State Emergency Service and the local authorities to be constantly in touch with people, to organize long-term accommodation sites and to be ready to start the heating season.”

The military prosecutor's office of the central region began criminal proceedings under Part 3 of Article 425 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (careless attitude of a military official to the service) on the fact of explosions in the territory of the military arsenal of the Ministry of Defense in Chernihiv region. This article provides for imprisonment from five to seven years.

According to the prosecutor’s office, a group of military prosecutors headed by the military prosecutor of the Central Region are working at the scene of the incident.

The video from the scene of the ammunition explosion appeared in the network.

Previously, on March 23, 2017 at several storage sites of rocket and artillery weapons (tank and artillery shells of 125 and 152 mm) near the town of Balakliya, Kharkiv region, an explosion occurred and a fire which resulted in the detonation of ammunition.

September 26 of the same year there was a fire in the ammunition depots located near the town of Kalynivka, Vinnitsa region. Due to the detonation of shells, about 30 thousand residents of the adjacent villages had to be evacuated.

In May 2018, a fire broke out again at the ammunition depot in Balakliya.