In the morning of June 27 a car exploded in the Solomensky district of Kyiv, near one of the pedestrian crossings. A powerful explosion was heard by the residents of the surrounding houses.

"Kyiv operative" reports that the incident occurred at the intersection of the streets of the Mekhanizatorov and Solomenskaya.

Investigative and operational groups, forensic experts, explosives technicians, emergency doctors and rescuers are working on the site. The causes and circumstances of the explosion are being established.

Later, the media reported that as a result of the explosion of a car in Kyiv on June 27, a Ukrainian serviceman born 1978 was killed. Moreover, an elderly man who was near the site of the explosion received minor injuries.
The case will be investigated by the Military Prosecutor's Office under article 258 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (Terrorist act).

Earlier, June 23 a car exploded near the restaurant "Gusy-Lebedi" at the intersection of Turgenevskaya and Poltavska streets. The blast wave knocked out the windows in the apartment building and damaged the nearby cars. Later, the media reported that the owner of the exploded jeep Herman Haiduk is a developer in the protected area of the reserve "Chersonese Tavrichesky" in the occupied Sevastopol.

PHOTO: Kyiv Operative