Homes of the Crimean Tatars are searched again. Today, in the village of Sofiyivka in Simferopol district, the house of a businessman Yusuf was searched, as well as the house of a welder Sherif Ganiev in the village of Otradnoe in Bakhchsarai district, the First Deputy Chairman of the Mejlis Nariman Jelal reported on his Facebook page.

“A search was also conducted today in the village of Sofiyivka in Simferopol district in the house of a local businessman Yusuf. The search was short. After it, the security forces took away his son Fevzi. According to the relatives, the reason for the search was the entrepreneurial activity that Fevzi carried out back in 2013,” Nariman Jelal said.

It is noted that the security forces burst into the house of the businessman and put everyone on their knees, prohibiting any phone calls. Law enforcement officials invited some witnesses from among the local community. They inspected all the rooms, and then allowed the family to stand up and only then started the search.

Moreover, it was reported about another search in the home of Sheriff Ganiev, residing in the village of Otradnoe in Bakhchisaray district. He is about 40-45 years old and works as a welder. The reason for the search is not known.

“Can not come to the scene. Who's near there, please report...” Ilmi Umerov wrote.

Following the annexation of Crimea, mass searches of independent journalists, activists and the Crimean Tatar Mejlis members have become more frequent.

Human rights defenders from among the international community regularly inform about the facts of human rights violations in Crimea.

The FSB’s staged struggle against Muslim dissidents in Crimea became the so-called case of "Hizb ut-Tahrir."

The security forces break into the homes of those whose opinion differs from the one of the self-proclaimed "Crimean authorities", conduct illegal searches and detentions under the pretext of suspicion of terrorism and calling their repressive operations combating extremism.

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