More details of the investigation into a terrorist act in Istanbul's Ataturk Airport are being reported.

One of the three suicide bombers has already been identified -it was Muslim Sariyyar.

According to CNN Türk, the second suicide-bomber, who fired a Kalashnikov assault rifle prior to the blast, was a native of Chechnya (Russia) - Osman Vadinov.

So far the authorities have not made any official statements on the citizenship of the terrorists.

Late in the evening on July, 28 three suicide bombers struck the Ataturk Airport.

Turkish Prime Minister B. Yildirim said all the evidence suggests that ISIL is to blame for the explosion at the Turkish airport.

239 wounded were taken to a hospital, 109 of them have already been discharged, while 130 continue to be treated.

According to the Istanbul City Administration, 42 people have been killed with 10 foreigners and three persons with dual citizenship being among them. The identity of 37 victims has been established. The bodies of 19 victims have been handed over to their families.

According to the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, a Ukrainian citizen Larisa Tsepakova was killed in the terrorist attack at the Istanbul airport. Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin expressed condolences to the relatives of the deceased compatriot.