Today, October 20, occupants have staged anti-terrorist exercises in the Crimean Qurman (the village of Krasnogvardeiskoe - Ed). Civilians are not allowed to go home or at work, the head of the CEC of the Crimean Tatar Qurultai Zair Smedlyaev reports.

“The alarmed residents of Qurman (Krasnogvardeiskoe) have just called me. Anti-terrorist exercises turned out to be carried out there! People are not allowed in their homes and workplace. All in the name of the man, everything for the good of the person and the people already know the name of this man!” Smedlyaev wrote on his Facebook page.

In April, the Russian special services carried out "anti-terrorist exercises" in Kerch. People of all ages, including the elderly and children were placed on the ground, face down; some of them were handcuffed. Journalists were forbidden to film the operation.

A 65-year-old Crimean complained to Kerch reporters that she recently broke her arm and the other day was discarded a plaster cast. She spoke about it to people in green uniforms with machine guns, who grabbed her, but they still laid the woman on the ground.

Photo: Internet