Armed militants broke into the premises of Rinat Akhmetov humanitarian headquarters, in the territory of the stadium Donbas Arena in the occupied Donetsk and blocked its work, according to the publication UA.Futbol.

“Armed men blocked the distribution center at the "Donbas Arena" and issuing points of the Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Staff in the territory temporarily uncontrolled by Ukraine. Reliable information about the reasons for such actions is not provided. Premises, equipment and all humanitarian aid of the Staff are blocked and Staff Volunteers do not have access to them.”

Reportedly, the director of the stadium has been arrested by terrorists and sent to a local "DPR State SecurityMinistry."

At the same time, the terrorist-controlled publications argue that the seizure of humanitarian headquarters was "a visit of the Donetsk law enforcement officers in order to clarify the situation" due to the fact that the headquarters had allegedly stopped working after the statement of the leader of the militants Zakharchenko on "nationalization" of Rinat Akhmetov enterprises.

Earlier, QHA reported that under the "order" of February 27, the ORDLO terrorists oblige enterprises of Ukraine to enter into a contract with the formations tax agents until March 1. In the case of incompliance with illegal "order", militants intend to replace the current management of the enterprises with administration they would control themselves.

Photo: Internet