Militants fired 42 times at Ukrainian military positions in ATO area on the first day of 2016, ATO press center  wrote on its Facebook page.

"In the evening, terrorists opened aimed fire on Ukrainian positions from small arms in the area of Sartana village, and from heavy machine guns - in Shyrokyno village, near Mariupol. They also fired at Ukrainian military positions with 82 mm mortars and small arms near the village of Zaitseve north of Horlivka.  Moreover, Ukrainian strongholds were shelled with rocket-propelled grenades near Novgorodske, and with large-caliber machine guns at Artemove,"  says the statement.  

In addition, the terrorists opened fire on Luhanske village with rocket-propelled grenades and automatic weapons,  on Ukrainian positions near Troitske with heavy machine guns and small arms, and on Pesky, Opytne and area south of Avdiivka (near Donetsk) with  small arms and rocket-propelled grenades.

"After midnight, the militants used weapons against Ukrainian soldiers two times. A total of 20 such cases have been recorded since 6:00 pm yesterday," the press-service reports. 

On January 1, 2016,  a soldier of the Aydar battalion was keeled near Horlivka city in Donetsk region, reads a statement of the battalion published on its Facebook page. 

"Nazar Galyuk, a soldier of the Aydar battalion  (a native of Netishyn city in Khmelnitsk region) was killed near Horlivka on Jenuary 1, 2016. May his memory live forever!" reads the statement.  

Photo: Internet