In the south-western outskirts of the town of Horlivka, the Russian occupation forces launched fire on an unmanned aerial vehicle of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission that supervised the ceasefire along the demarcation line, the ATO press center reported on Facebook.

The OSCE SMM Representatives confirmed they lost contact with the aircraft. The detachments of the ATO forces serving outside the town of Horlivka saw a small explosion in the air over the militants’controlled territory.

The ATO headquarters stressed: the UAV incident once again confirms that the illegal armed groups continue impeding the work of the international observers.

- Prior to starting work on a particular area, the OSCE representatives warn about it both parties to the conflict. Moreover, it’s easy to recognize the OSCE SMM drone by its design and identification marks, stressed the ATO Headquarter.

Russian militants continue violating the ceasefire in Donbas.

According to the press-center of the ATO headquarters over May 17, the militants opened fire 18 times. On the night of May 16-17, the enemy’s drone attacked one of the Ukraine’s rear military units and dropped six bombs on it.

May, 24 as a result of attacks, seven Ukrainian soldiers were killed and nine wounded. This is the highest number of losses for the current year.

PHOTO: Facebook page of ATO press center