Today, 7 unknown people, who presented oneself as employees of the Federal Migration Service (FMS), including a district police officer came to the house of Elzara Abdulzhelilova in the village of Shchebetovka (near Koktebel). Under the guise of passport control, they asked all living in the house to show their passports.

After the passports were presented, one of the unidentified men asked the other one, whether he recorded the data of Erol Abdulzhelilov. His mother Elzara Abdulzhelilova immediately asked, "So, all this performance was because of Erol? You need him."

Abdulzhelilova was asked if any family member had visited them recently. She said that if they meant her father, he hadn't come. After that, the unknown persons left, but returned with an expert of the FMS of the Republic of Crimea 20 minutes later. They demanded that Erol Abdulzhelilov "just" went with them to clarify some issues, but received a categorical refusal.

Now the so-called representatives of the FMS have left again.

Elzara Abdulzhelilova is the daughter of Mustafa Jemilev, Leader of Crimean Tatars and Commissioner of Ukrainian President on Crimean Tatars Affairs; Erol Abdulzhelilov is her son.

Photo: 15 minutes