Donetsk region police seized  2 grenade launchers, three hand grenades and 237 machine gun rounds from the "tourists" at the checkpoint in the village of Mikhailovka, Pokrovsky district, according to the the police press service.

Men were carrying the dangerous package in a van and were detained after the check.

“When being checked the driver and the passengers were obviously nervous. The police couldn’t help but notice their anxiety. Among a heap of household items inside the car, law enforcement officers found two RPG-22 grenade launchers, two grenades F-1 and a RGD-5 grenade with fuses and 237 rounds of 7.62 mm caliber. The car was carrying the mass destruction items for tanks and troops combat to Zaporizhzhya region,” reads the report.

According to the detainees, they found the ammunition while  fishing, and took it along not thinking about security.

The police sent the weapon to the expertise and opened a criminal investigation into the illegal keeping of weapons and explosives. The "fishermen" can be sentenced up to 7 years of imprisonment.

Photo: Donetsk region National Police Press service