The assassination attempt on the Head of the Interior Ministry Adviser Anton Gerashchenko is just one element of a number of the upcoming crimes plotted in Ukraine, Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov wrote on his Facebook page.

According to him, at the moment operatives are conducting criminal proceedings in a number of such crimes.

“The attempt on Anton Gerashchenko, prevented by the SBU is an element in a chain of a number of crimes, which form a system with a center of influence outside Ukraine.

National Police and Security Service got the facts and investigative materials on a number of episodes, committed and prevented murders, developed on a similar scheme, including resonance ones.

Those killers SBU detained yesterday, continue the chain of recent arrests of mercenaries in several cases investigated by the National Police.”

January 21 during a briefing, the Head of the Security Service of Ukraine SBU Vasiliy Hrytsak informed that the employees of the Security Service prevented the murder of an MP attempted by mercenaries from Russian special services. After committing the crime the mercenaries were supposed to flee to Russia. According to investigators, the instigator of murder is a native of Russia who has long lived in the Kharkiv region and then joined the terrorist organization "LPR". As of now he has left Ukraine and stays in Belgorod.

Photo: Internet