The morning of September 24, in the city of Mogilev the family found dead Thomas Yakovitsky, an activist of the civil campaign "European Belarus". He passed away a month before his 50th anniversary, reported Radio Svaboda.

According to recent reports, Thomas Yakovitsky death was not natural, but violent. Reportedly, the murder suspect has already been found and arrested. The activist was born October 25, 1966 in the city of Mogilev.

Thomas Yakovitsky was one of the initiators to develop the motor sport in the city. He helped many people, in particular, human rights activist Christina Shatinkovaya, who was diagnosed with cancer. He cared for her until her death, took her to the hospital for necessary procedures.

Thomas Yakovitsky helped organize salute in support of the prisoners Andrei Sannikov and Dmitriy Bondarenko, held in a Mogilev prison. He was an active participant of the protest rally held in Minsk in Independence Square September 19, 2010.

Thomas Yakovitsky was buried September, 25 in the South-East ("Lavsanovskoye") Cemetery in the regional center of Belarus.

Photo: Internet