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UK Royal Air Force (RAF) fighters, Eurofighter Typhoons, have intercepted two Russian bombers, "Bears", recorded in the skies over the English Channel to the south of the English city of Bournemouth.

British aircraft accompanied Russian bombers until they left the region's borders and "UK's sphere of interest", reports the Daily Mail. The report notes that the bombers have not crossed the UK's borders.

Experts have suggested that the maneuvers could be designed to detect weaknesses in British air defense and test the speed of reaction.

 "It's very unusual case. Usually, "Bears" fly around Norway and over the North Sea. Perhaps, we are seeing an attempt to test the reaction of the RAF to respond to the threat from the south" – analyzed the representative of the Royal United Service Institute for Defense and Security Studies Elizabeth Quintana.

NATO emphasized the excessive activity of the Russian Air Force in the Baltic region. According to the Alliance's data, there were more than 100 Russian aircrafts intercepted in 2014. As a result, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia have decided to strengthen military cooperation and tripled funding for NATO air police. The last time NATO fighters intercepted a Russian military aircraft was on January 23.