Quarantine has been imposed in the village of Novosyolovskoye of the Razdolnensky district, where a swine flu outbreak occurred.

A local resident reports roadblocks having been installed at the entrance to the village. Police and sanitary authority personnel are checking all outgoing vehicles, including buses, ordering their passengers to step out.

“Quarantine is being enforced within a 20-kilometer radius of the village of Novosyolovka. All outgoing vehicles are being inspected by police and sanitary inspection personnel. They are even pulling over buses headed to Yevpatoriya via Novosyolovka. Passengers of the buses are requested to step out of their vehicles and walk on straw treated with chemicals. After that, they are allowed to get back on their buses and continue with their journey”, the villager says.

According to the villager, pigs are continuing to die in the village, with their bodies being burnt. The exact number of infected animals is unknown.

“They are promising some kind of compensation, handing out leaflets with information on the disease. The leaflets are being put up at all over the village. The epidemic of swine flu in the village is still continuing,” said the villager.

It was reported earlier that Sergey Aksyonov, the so-called Head of Crimean government, ordered that emergency state be declared in Crimea over a swine flu outbreak in Crimea’s Belogorsky and Razdolnensky districts.