According to a decree published Oct. 23, the Pechersk District Court in the city of Kiev has extended the arrest of four engines designed for Tu-95MS strategic bombers. According to investigators, one of the private companies was going to deliver the equipment for the Russian aviation.

The Dniprobiznesbud company appealed to the court demanding the cancellation of the arrest on aircraft engines as of Aug. 13. The owner of the company, which works in Dneprodzerzhinsk, claims the arrest was illegal.

Prosecutor General's Office has opposed this appeal providing the investigation materials, according to which the NK-12MV engines were dismantled from Tu-95MS strategic bombers in Nikolaev. After that, the four engines were delivered to the city of Dnipropetrovsk, and were to be sold and illegally carried to Russian territory.

Moreover, according to the investigators, "the engines were designed for installation on combat aircrafts of the Russian Air Forces."

Earlier on, it was reported that several strategic Tu-95MS aircrafts were sold to Russia as scrap under President Viktor Yanukovych. A criminal case concerning the latter has been opened.