A car, hanging Crimean Tatar national flags was attacked in Simferopol city center.

5 men tear off Crimean Tatar flags from the car trying to tear them and trample down.

Attackers threw the torn flag to the car saying “gorge it”!

According to witnesses, standing nearby militants of Crimean self defense forces, who had to maintain the public order, did nothing to prevent the incident.

On June 26 Crimean Tatars mark Crimean Tatar Flag Day. Simferopol government did not allow to conduct the Flag Day in the city center, so the facilities to be held in Fontany district of Simferopol, area of compact residence of Crimean Tatars.

Cars march, with more than a hundred cars, walking along Simferopol streets, hanging Crimean Tatar national flags, was also canceled.

Meanwhile Kyiv activists to arrange auto rally to mark Crimean Tatar Flag Day in Ukrainian capital.

Georgian activists also will hold action to support Crimean Tatars.