September 7, a man with Ukrainian symbols was severely beaten in the annexed Sevastopol, a public activist Irina Gorelikova posted on her Facebook page.

“A resident of Kerch, Movenko Igor, born in 1977, holds Russian passport.

At 12.30, his wife received a call reporting that her husband was lying on the pavement in a pool of blood at the specified address. Upon arrival, she saw a crowd of people, and a man in citizens' clothes standing over the head of her husband. In addition, her husband’s head was between the feet of the man beating him. The hands of her husband were tied behind his back with plastic braces. At that moment, there was the patrol police supporting the attacker, who said that he is a police officer holding a license. However, he was dressed in civilian clothing and didn’t show his license,” Gorelikova wrote.

She noted that the motive for the beating were the sign of Azov Civil Corps on the bicycle frame, Ukrainian coat of arms on the holders of the wheels, as well as yellow and blue bracelet on Movenko’s arm.  

“When Igor came out of the mall, a man came up to him complaining of his Ukrainian symbols. But the man failed to scare Igor, and began professionally beat him. So, the man’s skills of martial arts and plastic braces accidentally being with him indicate the readiness of this creature,” Gorelikova posted.

According to the activist, the police having arrived on the scene did not pay any attention to the attacker – they were interested only in the beaten man covered with blood and lying on the pavement with tied hands. Thereafter, the ambulance, accompanied by police, took Movenko to the trauma unit of the first municipal hospital.

“As a result: broken cheekbone, nose fractures, puncture of the spinal cord for intracranial hemorrhage. The FSB has opened a case against the victim for symbols of the "Azov", "as a fascist organization" and for a fight! The victim needs urgent legal aid,” the activist wrote.

It was reported earlier that in Yalta, September 5, local MPs wrote a collective report on a lawyer to FSB for his pro-Ukrainian position.  The MPs addressed the law enforcement bodies of the Russian Federation to check the resident of Crimea, Yuri Fromus, referring to his Facebook posts where he did not support the annexation of Crimea by Russia.  

Photo: Internet