A police officer noticed suspicious people loading wheels into their car parked in one of the courtyards of Shchelkino town. After his call to police front office, four offenders were detained, Novosti Kryma reports. 

The suspects came from the eastern part of the peninsular: two 19-year-olds and one 30-year-old resident of the city of Kerch, as well as 22-year-old resident of the village of Vojkovo. 

Police revealed the stolen wheels and crime instruments: a jack and pre-prepared bricks in the car of criminals. 

According to detainees, they decided to earn money by taking advantages of emergency situation and lack of light in the streets. As a result, the car owners in Shchelkino were left without wheels. The thieves deliberately chosen a remote town, because they were aware that situation regarding power supply is very tight there. 

Proceedings for this criminal case have been initiated.