“They arrived at 7 a.m. knocking on everybody’s door and asking about Bekir Nebiyev. They showed his pictures and wondered whether anybody knows anything about his whereabouts. They were also taking down the villagers’ phone numbers,” said the eyewitness.

According to the eyewitness, the police also came to Tryohprudnoye on September 28. However, they did not enter the villagers’ houses preferring to ask questions outside.

The police were also spotted in large numbers in the village of Chistenkoye on September 28. No vehicles were allowed in and out of the village, while the village itself was sealed off and its residents’ houses searched.

It was reported earlier that an armed man entered a hospital in Simferopol and fired multiple shots at four members of the hospital’s personnel, fatally wounding two of them.

The suspect, identified as Bekir Nebiyev, 55, is currently being looked for by the police.