“The hijacker of MS181 is Seif Eldin Mustafa. The situation is still ongoing,” says a message on the Cyprus Foreign Ministry’s Twitter page.

Newsit, a Greek news portal, reported the terrorist being a former Egyptian officer.

According to Cyprus state broadcaster RIK, the hijacker was in opposition to the current Egyptian government.

Reports have also emerged the terrorist laid down his demands in a letter, one of them being releasing several girls held in Egyptian prisons.

According to OH-TV channel, the Egyptian government apologized to Professor Ibrahim Samah for holding him responsible for hijacking an A320 flight that landed at Larnaca airport in Egypt.

“We apologize to Mr Ibrahim Samah for mistakenly using his name in the situation surrounding the hijacking of the plane,” Ukrinform cites a statement released by Egyptian Prime Minister’s press service.

It was reported earlier that an unidentified man hijacked an EgyptAir plane heading from Alexandria to Cairo with 81 passengers on board.