The OSCE Special Monitoring Mission reported that the "DPR" militants in Donetsk region held the OSCE observation mission at gunpoint, says a statement on Twitter.

‘DPR’ militants held OSCE observers at gunpoint in the village of Sosnovskoye at 9.50 a.m., reported the Mission.

The Mission representatives said the incident violates the Minsk Agreements. The OSCE patrol left the scene for a safe place.

August, 22 three armed militants stopped the OSCE SMM patrol at the "DPR" controlled checkpoint in the village of Lugovoe (72 km south of Donetsk).

One of the men demanded to search the SMM vehicles. The patrol head explained that it is not allowed to search the SMM cars, but the armed man insisted and began a search. At the same time, another armed man, who was in the dugout, opposite the first SMM car at a distance of 7-8 meters pointed a gun (RPK) at four members of the patrol mission who came out of the car before it.

PHOTO: Reuters