ISIS terrorists surrender control of a number of settlements on the outskirts of El-Bab in Aleppo province to the terrorist organization PYD [Kurdish terrorists in Syria - Ed.].

This transfer is caused by the intention to prevent the advance of the Syrian Liberation Army (SLA) within the framework of a military operation "Euphrates Shield," the AA agency reports.

Transfer of El-Baba, currently controlled by ISIS, will be an important step for the association controlled by the Kurdish militants in the districts of Myunbiche and Afrin.

SLA is 12 kilometers away from the El-Baba, and is trying to block the terrorists’ access to the area in coordination with the Turkish armed forces.

According to military sources, a closer cooperation of ISIS and Kurdish militants is possible in the near future.

Earlier, PYD with the support of the United States took control of the area on the east bank of the Euphrates River along the Turkish-Syrian border. Its main goal is to isolate Turkey from Syria by taking control over the territory along the border between the two states.

The "Euphrates Shield" is a joint military operation carried out by the special operation groups with the Turkish Armed Forces and the Air Forces of the international coalition against ISIS terrorist organization in Syria, which started in the early morning of August, 24. The main objectives of the offensive are to clear the frontier regions from IS terrorists, ramp up the border security, provide support for the territorial integrity in Syria, as well as to prevent the creation of so-called "Kurdish corridor” on the southern border.