On October 14, Fikrat Guseynov, a journalist from Azerbaijan, was detained at Boryspil airport.

Oksana Romanyuk, Executive Director of the Institute of Mass Information, informed on the matter on her Facebook page.

According to preliminary information, Guseynov was detained because Azerbaijan declared him wanted by the Interpol line.

Romanyuk noted that this information is being checked.

“If the fact that he was in the base of Interpol is confirmed, then it will be the second time when repressive regimes use Interpol in order to put pressure on undesirable journalists. The first case is the Uzbek journalist Narzullo Okhunzhonov, who is currently in jail. Uzbekistan accused him of appropriating $ 2,000 (without any witness and evidence)," she added.

Earlier, Uzbek opposition journalist Narzullo Ohunzhonov was arrested at the Zhulyany airport in Kyiv on September 20 by officers of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine during passport control, as his name was on Interpol's database. The journalist has been in Interpol's database since 2014 on a falsified charge. Ohunzhonov filed an application for refugee status in Ukraine