On the night of August, 3 tens of thousands of liters of wine flooded the French port town of Seth. Five tanks belonged to local merchants.

The police assume this was an act of sabotage.

Almost 50 thousand liters of wine from the store of Biron S.A. Orien flooded the waterfront, neighboring streets, basements and underground garages. The emergency services eliminated the damaged caused by the accident in half an hour.

Reportedly, no one has been injured. So far, nobody has claimed responsibility for the incident. However, according to RFI, a cellar guard said he heard the sound of a door smashed open and saw about 20 people in balaklavas.

The police argue the incident was the result of illegal actions by the Regional Wine Committee activists (CRAV).

July, 20 they accused some wine merchants of importing the cheap Spanish wine and dumping prices. A Vinadeis office in the capital of the department of Béziers was vandalized the same day.

Photo: Internet