The murder of the so-called "Chief of LPR Police Administration" terrorist Oleg Anaschenko is a special operation by Russian security services sweeping critical witnesses who can testify against the Kremlin,  Advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs Zorian Shkiryak said on air of the TV channel "112 Ukraine".
“There is a systematic sweep of the Russian terrorist gang leaders, a "furious elevator" continues to move relentlessly. And each "passenger" in this elevator is where Bolotov, "Motorola" and other terrorists are today. Undoubtedly, this is a special operation of Russian special services to sweep particularly important witnesses of their bloody war crimes, acts of terror against the state of Ukraine. Today, a regular elimination was carried out. This is another bright hint to Zakharchenko and Plotnitsky, that Putin will ruthlessly destroy those who in the future may testify to his crimes,” the official said.
On February 4, the separatist media reported about undermining of SUV in Lugansk, in which two people were killed, among them was the "Head of the LPR police department" Oleg Anaschenko.
Earlier QHA reported that during the talks with the Kremlin curators on February 2 in Khartsyzk, terrorist Aleksandr Zakharchenko was warned that he would lose his status as a leader of so-called "DPR" if pro-Russian militants lose control of Yasynuvata beachhead.
Photo: Internet