"Shield of the Euphrates" is a joint military operation in the north of Syria against ISIS terrorism conducted by special Turkish Armed Forces operation group and the coalition Air Forces, informs the AA news agency.

The Armed Forces of the Republic formulated the main aims of the operation as follows:

“The Turkish Armed Forces carries out a military operation in the northern Syria in order to ensure the state border security and to support the forces of International coalition in the fight against the terrorist organization ISIS.

Liquidation of terrorist units in the northern Syria began at 5:45 a.m. local time with rocket systems and cannons fire. Turkish Air Force aircrafts F-16 produced another series of attacks at 7:50 local time in the north of Syria and the areas Keklidzhe and Jarabulus.

As a result, 11 of the 12 detected targets were destroyed.
In the course of the Shield of Euphrates operation, tank units of the Turkish Armed Forces crossed the Syrian border as well.

Special Operation Group of the Turkish Armed Forces and the coalition Air Force applied intense artillery fire to release the region Jarabulus adjacent to the Syrian city of Aleppo from ISIS terrorists. Since the early morning, the Chief of the General Staff of the Turkish Armed Forces Gen. Hulusi Akar and the Deputy Chief of the General Staff, Gen. Ümit Dündar watch the course of the operation from the Turkish General Staff.

The Turkish Armed Forces operation has become a huge contribution to the work of the coalition forces against the terrorist organization ISIS. The operation aims to clean the frontier regions from the militants, strengthen border security, provide the territorial integrity of Syria, as well as to prevent the flow of refugees and provide the victims with humanitarian assistance.