In the occupied Crimea the bodies of a missing Larkovs family members were found. Previously the so-called investigation committee reported on their disappearance. 

On the night of March 7, a car with three bodies was dragged out of the lake, which is located not far from the Geroyevsky microdistrict of the Russia-occupied Kerch.

Russian security forces reported that the 35-year-old head of the family Konstantin Larkov, as well as his 32-year-old wife, Inna Khodoreva, were shot. Their 4-year-old daughter was drowned.

According to the security forces, a suspect was identified, who was an auto-fraudster. The Larkovs communicated with a man who agreed to offer a more expensive car for their Chevrolet Lanos car at a bargain price.

The family arrived to the meeting, and brought 250 thousand rubles of additional payments for exchange. The suspect killed a man and a woman from a service weapon, and then pushed the car with bodies and a child into a pond where the girl drowned.

On February 23, residents of Feodosia Larkovs left the house and disappeared without a trace. Neighbors and relatives raised the alarm. The family lived in Gardening Society "Volna" in the vicinity of Ordzhonikidze village near Feodosiya