The enemy continues military activity outside the city of Donetsk. Under the cover of mortar fire and with the aim to create a tactical advantage over the ATO forces, the Russian occupants tried to take up positions near the industrial zone of the village of Avdiyivka, the ATO press center told a QHA correspondent.

April, 5, the Division of the 11th Separate Motor Rifle Regiment (Makiyivka) AK 1 (Donetsk) with Russia's Armed Forces intended to take up the positions and set up a strongpoint in the village of Vinogradniki in the south of Avdiyivka.

- Over the last night the enemy fired 11 mortars of different caliber outside the village of Avdiyivka. The militants plan to stage armed provocations and shell the Ukrainian troops. Currently, the industrial area in Avdiyivka is controlled by Ukrainian Army, reported the press-center.

The militants continue using different-sized weapons to shell Ukrainian troops in the zone of the antiterrorist operation with 67 attacks having been recorded over the last day.

Ukrainian army 10 times opened fire on illegal armed groups and so far holds its positions firmly.

In addition, a Military Unit 1 AK (Donetsk) with Russian Armed Forces, taking part in clashes outside the village of Avdiyivka, has experienced casualties. On April, 6, five Russian militants were killed and nine wounded. The latter belonged to the 11th Separate Motor Rifle Regiment (Makiyivka), 3rd Separate Motor Rifle Brigade (Gorlovka), and the 5th Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade (Makiyivka) 1 AK with Russian Armed Forces.

PHOTO: ATO press center