Israeli fighter jets launched five missile attacks on different locations in the Gaza Strip.

In two airstrikes Israeli F-16 fighter jets launched near an airport in southern Gaza and Refakh checkpoint, only some of the nearby buildings were damaged. Similar attacks were launched in northern Gaza as well.

It is reported that the Israeli fighter jets targeted observation points by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, a military wing of the Palestinian Hamas organization.

There were no wounded or killed in the attacks but the observation points were badly damaged.

This morning, Israeli fighter jets launched 4 more airstrikes on some locations in the Gaza Strip, Avichay Adres, a spokesperson for the Israeli Army, reports on his Facebook page.

According to Adres, the airstrikes were a retaliation for ‘surface and underground terror attacks’ perpetrated by the Hamas organization. He went on to say that the terrorists’ tunnels would continue to be destroyed.

One person was wounded in the today’s airstrikes.