Turkish police arrested the terrorist who perpetrated the shooting of civilians in a nightclub in Istanbul, on the New Year's Eve, according to the report of the Turkish publication Hurriyet.
A 39-year-old native of Uzbekistan Abdulkadir Masharipov, known as Abu Mohammed Khurasani, was arrested during a secret sting operation.
According to the publication, this operation was carried out by the police in Istanbul, together with the Office of the fight against terrorism and intelligence. The terrorist was arrested and disarmed.
Along with the arrest of the Istanbul terrorist the details of the investigation of the bloody terrorist attack in a nightclub emerged.
In general, the search and capture of terrorists took 4 operations conducted by law enforcement agencies, of which there are about 1000 people.
During the last operation, another 4 suspects were also detained along with Masharipov: 1 Kirghiz man and three women from Egypt, Senegal and Somalia.
Examination of the apartment, where the terrorist stayed and was arrested  lasted for about 6 hours.
According to the wife of Masharipova, the terrorist and his family rented a house in Istanbul in December. December 31 evening, he went out of the house, saying goodbye and not explaining anything left in an unknown direction.
As a result of the terrorist attack at a nightclub in Istanbul 39 people killed and 69 people were wounded. The terrorist broke into the club Reina about one in the morning on January 1 and opened indiscriminate firing on the people. At the time of the incident  there were 500 to 600 people in the club.
The Turkish authorities have called the attack an act of terrorism. January 2 the group "Islamic State" took over responsibility for the attack in Istanbul.
Photo: Internet