In the center of the Russian capital, law enforcement officers rudely detained a 10-year-old boy for reading fragments from the poem "Hamlet" by William Shakespeare.
The corresponding video appeared on YouTube. Attention, the record contains profanity.
The boy's father commented on the incident to the Russian edition of

“My wife was sitting, reading the book, and the child recited "Hamlet". The police squad arrived, they talked about something without her participation. Then they rounded him up, there is a video recording of what was happening. They began to put him into the car - she came up, tried to prevent it.”

Reportedly, during the detention, policemen sweared and behaved rudely. When the stepmother tried to prevent the detention, the law enforcers tore the woman's clothes and broke the tablet. The boy's father also added that the son did not beg for money, which the police accused him of:

“He is engaged in theatrical activities. For him, these performances in the street is the struggle with the diffidence.”

Lawyer Tatyana Solomina reported the outcome of the incident on Twitter:

“The child is at home. The Deputy Chief of Police for the protection of public order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Central Administrative District apologized to the boy’s father. The protocol will be canceled.”

Earlier, it became known about the disappearance of a 12-year-old child in the Sevastopol region.