The criminals have stolen a donation box with all the money in it from the Yan’yu Maale mosque in the city of Sudak.

According to Mustafa Mustafayev, the mosque’s imam, the mosque is currently under renovation, which is why all surveillance cameras in the building have been disabled. The steel donation box, containing money donated by the mosque’s members in the last three weeks, was found missing on November 17.

“The steel donation box was safely fitted into the wall and had a good lock on it, which, and you can take my word for it, could not be picked that easily. The criminal must have decided to spare himself the trouble of picking the lock and carried the money off together with the box,”said Mustafayev.

The imam, who has been working at the mosque for more than 10 years, is extremely concerned about the robbery because nothing of the kind has ever happened before. The mosque itself is located in an area of the city where predominantly Crimean Tatars reside.

A criminal investigation has been launched into the stealing of the donation box.

It was reported earlier that donations from Crimean mosques were stolen on as many as 5 separate occasions early this year. The Spiritual Administration of Crimean Muslims urges fellow Muslims to take good care of their mosques and particularly those of them where there is no security.