Near the village of Demidov in the Vyshgorodsky district of the Kyiv region, police officers found the body of human rights defender Irina Nozdrovskaya, who had disappeared at the end of December in Kyiv.

The body was found in the pond.

The press secretary of the National Police in the Kyiv region Nikolai Zhukovich reported that at the moment the investigative and operational group is working on the scene of the incident. What caused the death of the human rights activist is not yet known, an examination is being conducted.

In Kyiv, a protest began near the main department of the National Police of the Kyiv region in connection with the murder of human rights activist Irina Nozdrovskaya.
Many mass media representatives are present on the scene of the action.

A police representative, the Hof the Main Directorate of the National Police in the Kyiv region, police colonel Dmitry Tzenov, came to speak to the activist but people shouted him out.

However, he soon managed to speak.

Deputy general director of the television channel ATR Aider Muzhdabayev posted online video on his page.

Activists intended to demand the law enforcement agencies to attract all forces to search for the murderers of a lawyer, and also to provide protection to Irina's daughter Anastasia, as she was also repeatedly threatened.

Meanwhile, it became known that the investigation into the murder of a lawyer Irina Nozdrovskaya is still awaiting the results of the autopsy, according to a representative of the Main Directorate of the National Police in the Kyiv region, Nikolai Zhukovich.
He further reported that for this reason, the police was not able to announce what caused the death of a lawyer