As a result of the crash of the aircraft with the Brazilian football players in Colombia, 71 people were killed, the radio station Ondo Cero reports.

According to data obtained following the completion of search and rescue operation, six people have survived, they are three sportsmen, a flight attendant, a journalist and aircraft technician. They were immediately hospitalized with injuries of varying severity.

Reportedly, one of the players, previously rescued from the wreckage of the plane, died in hospital.
It is known that four passengers abandoned the flight at the last moment.

Two black boxes in perfect condition were found at the scene as well, the Civil Aviation Agency of Colombia reported. Investigation into the causes of the crash continues. One of the theories is the lack of fuel and the engine failure.

The major air disaster occurred on November 29 on the way to the international airport of Medellin. On board was a Brazilian football team "Shapekonse". In total, 72 passengers and 9 crew members were on board the aircraft.

Photo: Internet