Imam of Khan Jami Mosque Elmar Abdulganiyev was detained and forcibly brought to court by officers of the occupant-controlled Interior Ministry. According to "The Crimean Human Rights Group," the arrest was carried out with procedural violations, in particular, the Imam was not informed of the reasons for detention and handed a court order.

Elmar Abdulganiyev was brought to the Yevpatoria city "court," where he was charged with "storage and distribution of extremist literature" under Article 20.29 of the Code of the Russian Federation on Administrative Offenses.

According to Abdulganiyev, he was given only 30 minutes to search for a lawyer, whom he failed to find within the time limits. 

At the same time, the testimony of a witness were included in the case, allegedly stating that literature was really kept by the Imam. However, the witness claims that he was denied access to the application of his own testimony. Moreover, the witness confirmed that he first saw the said literature with the FSB officer during the trial.

It's worth noting that the Vice-President of the World Congress of Crimean Tatars stressed in an interview that the occupants are trying to fully embed the political context in the spiritual life of the Crimeans, and that is why many of the "mosque in Crimea have become the branches of the FSB."

Photo: Internet