In Horlivka, Donetsk region, pro-Russian militants opened fire on a group of teenagers, as a result of which several of them were injured.

The corresponding information was provided by the Speaker of the Ministry of Defense Dmytro Hutsulyak. According to him, cases of unlawful actions on the part of the Russian military to the local residents are quite frequent in the occupied territories.

“In Horlivka, Russian military, were entertaining themselves in a public place and fired a group of young people from automatic weapons, several teenagers got fire injuries,” Hutsulyak said.

In connection with the incident, the "military commandant's office" of the so-called "Donetsk People's Republic" began an investigation. The Russian command, according to Hutsulyak, is trying to conceal this fact.

Moreover, it has been established that Russian border guards increased the protection of the border in order to prevent the penetration of criminals hiding from the investigation in Russia.

Reportedly, the social tensions are increasing in settlements of Torez, Yenakievo, Horlivka and others due to the low salaries of employees of public sector. The average salary is 5-7 thousand Rubles (about 80-112 USD).

Earlier, in the village of Yasenivsky near Luhansk, a drunken militant of the terrorist group "LPR" threatened a young woman and her young children with a grenade. A few minutes after the children were taken out of the defeat zone, the grenade exploded in the hands of the militant and he died.