UAV of the OSCE monitoring mission recorded on video five self-propelled howitzers firing from the separatist-controlled territory near the village of Novogrigorovka located about three kilometers north-east of Debaltsevo, the First Deputy Head of the Special OSCE monitoring mission in Ukraine, Aleksandr Hug reported during the briefing correspondent of QHA.
According to Aleksandr Hug, howitzers fired 31 artillery shells in the direction of Svetlodarsk (controlled by Ukrainian government).
“One of our drones, carrying out flight over Novogrigorovka, which is controlled by the so-called DPR, spotted ... a squadron of five self-propelled howitzers, placed in violation of the Minsk agreements, shooting in the direction of Svetlodarsk. In this case, 31 artillery shells were fired.”
Aleksander Hug presented the video from UAV camera showing five howitzers in a field firing (Video marked the date of December 21, 2016 See a 8.08 min...).
According to Hug, due to hostilities and the prohibition of movement, in particular, on the part of separatists, opportunities for mission patrols observation deteriorate. In this situation, the key role in the monitoring of violations is given to drones and camcorders.

The OSCE Representative went on saying that the violations are recorded at the territory near the ATO line  controlled by the Ukrainian government as well, in particular, yesterday observers recorded mortars at military trucks near Karlovka (north-west of Donetsk).
Reference. In recent months, Svetlodarsk arc area is one of the hottest spots on the ATO line. Howitzer firing range is up to 50 km and more.