The military defeat of the pro-Russian terrorists in Avdiivka Donetsk region, have forced the militants to carry out a large-scale evacuation of the local population to the occupied city center, the "Information Resistance" group coordinator, MP Dmitry Tymchuk informed on Facebook.

According to the group, the western areas of Donetsk already partially lack water, heat and electricity. Currently, residents of the city are placed in educational institutions dormitories.

“In areas controlled by the Russian-terrorist forces ("DPR"), panic is spreading among the population due to further deterioration of the situation at the demarcation line. Due to the damage, the western region territory of Donetsk are partially cut off heating, electricity and water. Militants carried out a partial evacuation of the Kyiv district of Donetsk (the northern outskirts of the city). Some people were taken to the Kalinin district of the city and housed in hostels and educational institutions, for example, up to 500 people were placed in the dormitories of the Donetsk Medical Institute,” the MP said.

Earlier QHA reported that January 29 pro-Russian militants attempted to storm the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the area of Avdiivka Donetsk region. Ukrainian fighters repulsed the invaders, forcing them to retreat. After the collision, the terrorists have resumed mortar attacks on Avdiivka. The Prosecutor's office has qualified the shelling as a terrorist act as pro-Russian militants fired Avdiivka residential areas, being aware of the fact that civilian population was there.

Photo: Internet