The peat bogs are burning in Kyiv region. There is a smell of combustion products in the air in some Kyiv districts. The total area of burning is 122 hectares. Firefighters continue extinguishing. 

“As of 7 am, the extinguishing of 24 localized foci of smoldering peat on a total area of 122 hectares is carried out in 11 districts of Kyiv region,” reads a statement of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine’s (SESU) press service.

A total of 322 people and 82 units of fire-fighting equipment of the SESU are involved in suppression of smoldering peat. The foci of smoldering peat are also marked on the SESU website.

According to the SESU, the radiation background in Kyiv and Kyiv region is normal – in average 12-14 micro-roentgens per hour (safe level of radiation is up to 30 micro-roentgens per hour). 

The radiation background in the exclusion zone is 23 micro-roentgens per hour (safe level is up to 50 micro-roentgens per hour).