Three leaders of the terrorist group "Islamic state" in Iraq, and one local leader of the organization in Syria were eliminated as a result of successful operations of the international coalition during the last month, according to the report of the US Department of Defense.

“Al-Rishidi, struck on Dec. 4 in Mosul, [Iraq,] was an ISIL leader who was involved in ISIL's use of [vehicle bombs] in Mosul. His removal further degrades ISIL's [vehicle bomb] threat, which has been the enemy's weapon of choice for attacking Iraqi security forces and civilians.”

Al-Mahalawi was struck Dec. 21 in Qaim, Iraq, and was a “legacy” al-Qaida in Iraq member serving as an ISIL leader in Qaim. His removal will disrupt ISIL's ability to conduct operations along the Euphrates River Valley, according to the spokesman.

Abu Turq was killed Dec. 4 in Sharqat, Iraq. He was an ISIL financial facilitator in Qanfusah, Iraq -- about 50 miles southwest of Irbil -- who had connections to ISIL leaders and ensured money reached the terrorist group, reads the Pentagon statement.

Earlier QHA reported that on January 3in the Iraqi city of Samarra, suicide bombers attacked two police stations. The attack killed seven policemen. Immediately after the explosion, a group of terrorists broke into the building. Military reinforcements arrived to the scene. The terrorists have been destroyed after a while.

Photo: Internet