Dolphins in the Black and Azov Seas near the coasts of the Crimea occupied by Russia are increasingly becoming victims of Russian poachers, according to the information of the press service of the Crimean FSB "border guard", as cited by local media.

“Border control officers repeatedly discovered carcasses of the dead dolphins in the water area and on the shores of the Black and Azov seas. So, since the beginning of 2018, more than 70 dead mammals have already washed ashore in  the Crimean peninsula. These figures became known, partly due to the work of the scientific and ecological organization "Serene Sea". However, the statistics of dead dolphins are far from complete, as only those facts that local residents informed border guards and ecologists are recorded,” the occupiers noted.

Dolphins mostly die from fishing nets and piercing-cutting objects. The invaders said they would take all necessary measures to stop poaching. They also paid attention to the international norms, which, according to them, should be met, although nothing was told about their fulfillment by the Russian authorities.

Earlier QHA reported that the Russian occupation authorities in the Crimea had fenced off bus stations, closed many shopping and entertainment centers and restricted access to forests. In addition, in the territory of the annexed peninsula, sirens of warning are regularly howling, frightening the locals.